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Hosted IVR Services

Features of Our Advanced IVR Services

Unlimited Call Recording

Record your IVR calls without any limit for better quality monitoring of calls

Time based Call Routing

Adjust the routing of your calls as per suitable timings


Blacklist your unwanted callers and increase the productivity of employees

CRM Integration

CRM integration helps you to monitor the call timing and details on screen

Cost Management

Utilization of working hours and calls prioritization helps in cost-management

Live Panel

Track the real-time call logs and live calls with systematic dashboard


Before knowing about in detail about Hosting IVR Service first let's have a look that what basically an IVR service is? Basically, IVR stands for the Interactive Voice Response. IVR empowers enterprises to count and keep track of every phone call of their customers. Using IVR can take lots of headaches away from you as it helps customers to reach the right agent or the department for their issues and queries.

The IVR service gives a unique and lasting customer experience is vital for every business. There are a lot of benefits to switch your business to IVR solutions as using this helps you to get Automated customer support, it will also permit business to prioritize calls depending on the caller's value, it will also help to please their customers with personalized greetings and it also handles a large number of calls by efficiently routing the inbound calls to the right agent or department that is best suitable to address the issues and queries.

At Acetians Digital we provide hosting for IVR services in India. Our IVR services are also so beneficial for small scale businesses along with the large scale businesses. As our IVR services are very cost effective so it is suitable for both large and small scale business. By getting IVR services the business grows more as they get real-time monitoring and analyzing call traffic. Our Toll-free IVR creates an easy and free of cost channel for customers to access you. You can easily track and record your incoming and outgoing calls with our cloud-based telephony system without taking any charges from your end users while they are trying to reach you. Our IVR system offers quick and seamless support to your customer with 24/7 hours availability.

Why Choose Us

We are experienced and trustable IVR services provider and helped many businesses through our result-oriented IVR services. Our smart IVR Setup will help your customer to get the fast assistance and will boost the productivity of employees.

Our cost-effective IVR services are also beneficial for small businesses growth. There are several benefits of IVR Setup for business and you can trust our services for the desired-results.

What Our Client Say

Overall experience was amazing. We were facing several issues regarding the customer calls and queries and this is why we contacted this company for smart IVR services. We got all the solution and now able to track customer queries without any issues. Thanks for providing best IVR setup service for my business.