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Short Code Long Code SMS Marketing

Acetians Digital provides you service to receive SMS messages online from your customers and examine using a combination of keywords, shortcodes, and long codes. The received SMS are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond and manage them by using a variety of tools that we provide. This will helps your company to increase customers as after this Customers can reach you easily to get more information. They will show more interest in your product or service as they get an easy method to reach you via a simple SMS that is sent to your companies' inbox.

You can configure your inbox by several means i.e. either by using keywords on the shared number or by just using dedicated numbers. With shared number option, any SMS sent with your keyword (example MyCompany) to a shared short code (like 124 xxx) or a shared long code (like 78978 xxxxx) reaches your inbox. With the dedicated option, any SMS sent to your dedicated short code or long code reaches your inbox.

There are a lot of benefits to adding a shortcode or long code to your marketing that provides an easy, low-cost way for customers to contact you instantly. The shared short codes and long codes are perfect to get started with your SMS marketing activity, as they are very affordable while being easy to remember for customers. This also helps you to expand your contact database. With Acetians Digital shortcode long code SMS marketing service can help you to grow your business with very fewer efforts and cost. You will get quality service at a very reasonable price.